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Q. What are your standard features tolerances?

A. Standard tolerances for larger features (5 µm) are ±0.5 µm with tolerances available to 0.15 µm

Q. What is the smallest feature you can resolve?

A. The smallest controlled feature Advance can resolve is 0.75 µm

Q. What is the largest film size you can plot on?

A. The largest film Advance can photoplot is 32” X 36” (813 mm x 915 mm)

Q. What is the smallest feature you can resolve on film?

A. The smallest feature Advance can reproduce on film is 0.47 mils (12 µm)

Q. What are your turn-around times?

A. Standard turn-around for film and photomask requirements is 24 to 48 hours.

Q. Do you offer an academic discount?

A. Advance works very closely with academic organizations, faculties, and students and is happy to offer considerable discounts to qualified organizations.

Q. What types of data files do you accept?

A. Advance accepts all of the industry standard formats including GDSII, AutoCAD, and Gerber RS274.

Q. How do I send you my files?

A. Files can be sent as easily as an attachment to your email. In addition, our FTP site offers higher levels of data security including password protected user specific areas and higher levels of data encryption.

Q. Do you offer data layout services?

A. Advance offers complete data layout services for your supplied dimensional drawings and information. Our CAD technicians will work closely with you every step of the way to bring your design layout to completion.

Q. I have an old mask with no data; can you help recreate a file?

A. Advance offers complete re-engineering services complete with data re-creation that is editable for future revisions.

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Data_Prep OrderFAQs
Data_Prep OrderFAQs