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Advance offers complete photomask-making services for semiconductor, hybrid, and microwave circuit manufacturers.  Our facility includes over twelve thousand square feet of environmentally controlled laboratories are devoted to the production of fine-line geometry photomasks.


Our technical personnel are specialists in all phases of photomask-making and the company has successfully provided this service since 1970.


Services include:


CAD editing and circuit layout digitizing
  Large area photomasks
  Pattern generation
  Hard surface and emulsion working plates
  Image repeating
  Custom photomask tooling services

Capabilities and equipment includes:

Micronic MP80+ Large-Area Mask Writer
32" x 32" Plate Size
3 micron minimum feature size
H & E-Line capabilities
Accepts GDSII, DXF, Gerber, MANN, MEBES,
E-Mask, DWG, Postscript


Micronic LRS-600 Large-Area Mask Writer

24" x 24" Plate Size
H & E-Line capabilities
6 micron minimum feature size
Accepts GDSII, DXF, Gerber, MANN, MEBES, E-Mask, DWG, Postscript


2 Large-Area Image Repeating Systems
4"x 4" to 24"x 24"Plate Size
1X Projection System
4.5"x 4.5" Maximum Die Size
10 um Minimum Feature Size
18"x 18" Stepping Area
H-Line Capability


Lumina Large-Area Precision Measuring System
Accepts substrates up to 20" x 24"
0.1 micron standard resolution
Fully Automatic Measuring
Video Coordinate System With Image Data Output


Advance has direct sales representatives nationwide and a dedicated support staff to assist you with technical questions, job status updates, and pricing information.

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