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data services

Advance Reproductions offers one of the most extensive data conversion services in the industry.


For input data requirements, we accept:


Gerber   IGES
GDS I and II   Electromask
Mann   PICT
RIFF   Postscript data

Need a layout viewer ? You can find a complementary viewer to view dw-2000, GDSII, AutoCAD (.DXF .DWG) and OASIS files here:

Utilizing various software applications, Advance is capable of manipulating any of the above formats to meet your data requirements.  Once created, your data can be output on a variety of mediums or if required, we can transmit your data back to you electronically.


Scanning Services

Advance Reproductions Corporation offers a full range of high precision scanning services for the electronic circuit and manufacturing industries.  We offer individual solutions to the following manufacturers:

Printed circuit
  Flex circuit
  Hybrid microwave
  Electronic manufacturing

Our scanners are capable of scanning-in artworks at 2000 dots per inch, assuring your most critical requirements are achieved.  Once scanned-in, we offer a variety of editing services including clean-up of unchanging artmasters and complete revisions for the creation of new artmasters.


And no matter which editing services you require, your database will be compatible with your CAD system.

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